Circle of Security ParentingCircle of Security Parenting

Circle Of Security Parenting™

The Circle of Security Parenting™ is an 8-week program of simple, powerful classes providing a roadmap to help navigate daily interactions with your children, teen or adult relationships. COS-P is based on decades of research about how secure parent-child relationships can be supported and strengthened.

SMART RecoverySMART Recovery

SMART® Recovery Family and Friends Support Meetings

SMART Recovery stands for Self-Management and Recovery Training. It is a fresh approach to Addiction Recovery and Family & Friends Support. The 4-Point Program® was created for people seeking a self-empowering and science-based option for overcoming addictive problems and communicating with loved ones struggling with addiction problems.


Resource Connection & Case Mgt Assistance

Assistance connecting to appropriate community resources (recovery, mental health & wellness, parenting and educational and more)

Assistance with case plan resources and management

silhouette photography of personsilhouette photography of person

Joy and Wellness Activities

Finding your joy and inhabiting a space of wellness is crucial to any type of lasting change. What good is positive change if you aren't enjoying yourself, feeling good and sharing that joy?!

RISE has moved and still rethinking and renovating the new space. Stay tuned for the opening of the our new space in Fall 2022! In the meantime the pictures below show our cozy former space.